WoWable’s Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #2

Welcome, welcome, gather around and tune your ears for our new announcement! Ladies and gentleman, after the success of our first ‘Moggation Match last month, we decided it’s time for another one. You can probably guess the theme, but we still want a drumroll…

First of all, remember to check the rules in our first Match here. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments, don’t be shy!


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 18.36.22.png

The theme for our second Match is: LOVE IS IN THE AIR holiday. You are welcome to use this holiday’s gear (don’t push too much though: creativity, remember?) and draw inspiration from whatever you want, as long as it’s related to the theme!

That’s not all, because there is still a question to answer…

What is World of Warcraft’s most romantic place?

Think about this question in anyway you want: it can be the most perfect place to declare your love, it can be the place where you and your loved one would go to to spend some quality time together… Remember to explain your choice and no, you can’t say “the whole Azeroth” or “all Teldrassil”. We know all of Azeroth is perfect but!, to be fair, you can pick instances, scenarios, different timelines, or even zones you don’t know where they are located (Darkmoon for example). Is it a place in World of Warcraft gaming universe? You can pick it.

Suggestion: make sure your screenshots allow a good view of the place.

This Marvelous ‘Moggation Match will last to 23.59h, 22 February 2018! You have plenty of time to make your perfect transmogrification, create a post about it and comment here with a link!



16 thoughts on “WoWable’s Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #2

    • Ah, no… I can’t just use any of my Bloodscale Belt kits for this prompt. I’m going to have to do some new things (or recycle & update an older idea, and do it with a different character than I did originally, at any rate), and the location feels to me like it’s a much more important aspect of this prompt than the outfit will be!

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