WoWable’s Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #1

Welcome to our first edition of this competition, we hope you enjoy it!

Here on Wowable, we love transmogging. And from what we see, our fellow bloggers love it too.

So we came up with an idea: making transmogging contests every once in a while, so we all have fun and show each other our ideas.

There are very few rules:

  • Each Moggation Match will have a theme.
  • You can choose a discreet transmog related to the theme, or go overboard with it. What matters is that it’s related and that you have fun doing it and like the result 🙂
  • To ensure fairness, each class must only be equipped with it’s gear type. As in, a plate character must be using plate items, and so on.
  • Pick whatever appearances you want (but maybe avoid too many items from a pre made set. This is a creativity contest after all 😀 )
  • Every Moggation Match will include a brief question/writing prompt related to your transmog for you to say a few words. Write a couple of lines, or a whole page, we’ll enjoy reading it anyway ^^
  • You can do more than one transmog, be it on the same character or several.

How to participate? Well, transmog your character in this edition’s theme, and make a post with images of the result along with your reply to the question. Then you comment this post with a link. It’s simple 🙂

Princess of the Mists and I will make a post on the end of each edition’s deadline with the chosen winner or winners, along with links to your posts, and our own creations. If we don’t have many participations, we’ll post all the submissions (But we would smile a lot if we have several!).

And as you probably guessed from our featured image, the theme for the first match is…..DARKMOON FAIRE.

If your character lived/worked on the Darkmoon Faire, what would be his/her occupation?


Link us your posts until 23.59h Monday 15th please.(The Faire ends on Saturday at 23h59- Just a heads up in case you want to take some screenshots there ). EDIT: the deadline was increased to help our blogger friends have a little more time 🙂

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


16 thoughts on “WoWable’s Marvelous ‘Moggation Match #1

    • Thank you so much! It started as a simple transmog idea for my Warlock.

      When we came back to WoW, Princess was super excited about the faire, and I had no idea what it was, so she took me there and it became something really special. It’s also the event that makes us players, for once a month, put our faction differences aside and have fun on a magical place.

      And a couple of days ago I thought it would be fun if my Warlock had something to do with the Darkmoon Faire, then I asked Princess for help with my transmog and we came up with this idea.

      Looking forward to what you will think of 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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