The Demon Hunter vs Death Knight Duel

This post will be something completely different, as it combines a lore question with a game a lot of guys like to play: Who would win in a fight between these two?

For the Game of Thrones fans out there, this debate is similar to “The Mountain vs The Red Viper”. Slow and powerful vs Fast and vicious.

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4th Week of May and June

Hey everyone!  We haven’t much had time to sort through the thousands of images to make the log, and we’ve felt bad for it. We tried to make it to you by making some extra cool posts until the log was ready 🙂

So many adventures!

Goodbye Hati

Firstly, I cannot start this post without saying sorry for the lack of Adventure Logs in the last couple of months. Things have been crazy here, and I promise we are preparing a SUPER log just for you 😀

This is an appreciation post for an aspect of Legion, the first expansion that I got to experience having a character ready near the start (three months later) and leveling that character to the max level and enjoying end game content.

That character was my hunter, Krazyx.

Farewell, Hati.

Edwin VanCleef and the Defias Brotherhood

Many many years ago, right after the First War and the arrival of the Orcs to the Eastern Kingdoms, Stormwind was left a wreck. Not only the city was destroyed, but it was also extremely vulnerable. A little gift of war, some would say. Because as important as winning the war is, also as important is to make sure no one will try and take advantage of the openings left by it. And Stormwind, as one of the seven Human Kingdoms, was probably the one who would have more trouble rebuilding itself.

Discover how one of the most iconic organisations came to be!