Cooking with World of Warcraft

A few months ago, we decided to get the World of Wacraft Official Cookbook. Both Princess of the Mists and I love to cook, so this was something we really needed 🙂

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Tank Specs

Today we’ll be taking a look at TANKS, the spec for adventurers who want to protect their group (or just solo everything, also a fun option 😋). As a tank, you’ll have to get an enemy group’s attention and keep them busy so they don’t attack your allies. Tanks have a whole range of attacks that help them do this, a lot of powers to mitigate the damage they are receiving and also self heal to keep fighting. Tanking specs are all different so there is something for everyone out there.

Tanks, assemble!

A Brief History of Time (In Azeroth) III: Titans, Keepers and Dragon Aspects.

I noticed that I need to add a very important part to this tale. So I should tell you more about the Pantheon and who were the Keepers before continuing. After all, our history is the result of a long chain of events started by them.
The Pantheon was composed by six titans, after Sargeras left them. The main Keepers were empowered by the Pantheon to be in charge of Azeroth, and each one of them was been given powers by a specific member of the Pantheon, for each titan had created a Keeper in their own image.

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Questing in Teldrassil: Lake Al’Ameth and Wellspring

Welcome to another post in this series of Questing in Teldrassil. I am so very pleased to say we are finally done with quests about the Furbolgs! We have seen those poor things suffer enough. That was the good news, the bad news are that, while we will deal with different beings, it’s still bad. The corruption seems to be spreading all over Teldrassil and we must uncover how far does this goes and what we can do to help!

Weapons on the ready, let’s go to Lake Al’Ameth!

A Brief History of Time (In Azeroth) II: Elemental Lords, Old Gods and Titan Forged.

Let’s see where we stopped last time… Ah, the ancient origins of our world. Keep in mind this was a different Azeroth, back then. There was only one massive continent on the whole planet, and the Black Empire had taken over every part of it.
To understand what happened to this empire, we’ll need to go back a few ages, before the arrival of the Old Gods. This was no ordinary planet, for it had a world soul slumbering inside it, and the growth of such a thing will have repercussions.

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